What the heck is it?

While on Twitter rambling on pointlessly as usual (my tweets can be boiled down to [joke about pants] + [joke about liquor] + [random comment on what I’m writing] + [link to something vaguely interesting on the Internet] = hilarity) I thought about creating a book trailer where a bunch of people read one line from a passage in The Final Evolution or something, and I spliced them together into a trailer (inspired by this.)

Then Bill Cameron said “If my passage doesn’t have a lot of f-bombs, I’m not doing it. Hahahaha.” And I thought, yes. Let’s create a trailer of people reading just lines with the word fuck in them. I mean, I counted 593 of them in The Final Evolution alone.

Then, I thought, why not make that into a trailer for the whole series? Boom.

So, here’s the deal: Got Avery Cates books? A video camera of some sort? Film yourself reading any line, from any of the books, as long as that line contains an F-Bomb. Send it to me. Everything else is up to you: How you do, where you do it, what line you read, what you’re wearing, how many of you are involved – go nuts. Have fun. All I ask is that when you send me the clip, you identify exactly what line you’re reading by book, page, and line (just to spare me from having to search for each instance). Email everything to mreditor@innerswine.com


THREE: Featuring the Heroes Bill's Vest, Patty Blount, and Sean Ferrell

TWO: Featuring the Heroes Allan Sconza II, Patty Blount, and Angie Brooksby

ONE: Featuring the Heroes Bill Cameron, Patty Blount, and Angie Brooksby

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